Book Films Media Announces the Release of “I Want My Darn Skates: Second Edition” by Samantha Lewis

September 01 06:09 2023
Book Films Media: Samantha Lewis Releases the Highly Anticipated Second Edition of “I Want My Darn Skates”.

Acclaimed author Samantha Lewis delights readers once again with the release of the second edition of her heartwarming and inspiring novel, “I Want My Darn Skates”. This eagerly awaited edition revisits the beloved story that captured hearts around the world while introducing new layers of depth and emotion.

“I Want My Darn Skates,” tells about the life of Samantha Lewis from about the age of 9 years old throughout her life. God directs her to go back to that point in her life when she began her relationship with Jesus and was introduced to the Word of God. It was also at that point in her life when she really wanted a pair of skates that she worked so hard for, but never got. The story goes from there on throughout her high school years. She doesn’t graduate because she marries and becomes pregnant. She entered the United States Air Forces and later re-enlists. She goes on to become a commissioned officer and is retired early from active duty because she became disabled. After she and her family returned to Birmingham, Alabama, she eventually got back to work before having another child. While on active duty, Josh moves in on her mother and begins to sell drugs.

She enlists in the US Air Force and subsequently rejoins. She goes on to receive a commission as an officer and is forced to leave active duty early due to a disability. She finally returned to work before having another kid when she and her family moved back to Birmingham, Alabama. Josh moved in with her mother while still on duty and started selling drugs. Samantha is buying narcotics from this brother, therefore she is aware that he is a drug dealer. Rufus, a different brother, participates in a failing marriage, uses crack cocaine, and ends up living on the streets. Due to the extreme stress she is experiencing, Samantha is suffering from seizures.

She fights with her siblings, and her marriage is also experiencing issues. She lost both her employment and her driver’s license. She believes she is going crazy. She is unsure of her next move. She begs God for help. What she is going through, according to God, sounds like a fantastic story. Without any prompting, God promises to bless her tale if she writes it. Watch as God fulfills His promise. “God is not a man that He should lie, nor is He the Son of Man that He should repent.”

Samantha Lewis, renowned for her ability to capture the nuances of human emotions, commented on the release: “I’m thrilled to bring the second edition of ‘I Want My Darn Skates’ to my readers. This edition allowed me to delve deeper into my world, providing readers with a more profound connection to her journey. The themes of determination and following one’s dreams are timeless, and I believe this edition truly amplifies their resonance.”

The first edition of “I Want My Darn Skates” garnered widespread acclaim for its relatable characters, poignant storytelling, and inspiring message. The second edition takes these elements to new heights, delivering an enriched narrative that is bound to captivate both devoted fans and new readers alike.

The book was released on the 11th of May, 2022, and is available in print and digital formats, ensuring that readers can access this masterpiece and heartwarming journey in their preferred way.

About the Author

Samantha Lewis is from a poor family in Birmingham, Alabama. She went to Lewis Elementary School and Phillips High School. She did very well in school but dropped out of High School after the Eleventh Grade because she married and became pregnant. She got her GED and entered the Air Force in 1978. After completing 61/2 years in the Air Force, Samantha entered a commissioning program at Samford University in Alabama. In July 1983, Samantha was divorced. In June 1987, she completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from The University of Alabama in Birmingham. She was next Commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. After re-entering the Air Force, Samantha completed Technical Training School at Keesler AFB, Mississippi, and was reassigned to Langley AFB, in Virginia. It was there, that she remarried, and during the next two years, she completed her Master’s Degree in Management.

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