Jump-Start Your Psychic Abilities Mentorship Program Helps Members Tap Into Their Divine Gifts

September 01 08:59 2023

Philadelphia, PA, USA – August 31, 2023 – Clients who have completed the Jump-Start Your Psychic Abilities Mentorship Program are seeing amazing results. They are now able to tap into their psychic abilities and use them to help others. Van says she is so proud of their progress, and excited to offer them a membership program to continue their development. The membership program will include ongoing support from Van, as well as access to a practice circle where they can practice their skills with other students.

Many clients who have completed Brandi’s mentorship program have experienced profound transformations. They have gone from not believing they had psychic abilities to confidently using their gifts to help others. They are now shining their light in the world, making a difference in the lives of others.

“I joined Brandi’s Jump-Start Your Psychic Abilities Mentorship Program, and at first, I didn’t think I would be able to develop my psychic abilities,” said one of Van’s clients. “Many times during the mentorship training, I felt like my abilities weren’t growing, but Brandi pushed me to continue and not give up so easily. As time went on, I had ups and downs, but once I started to see results and knew my abilities were growing stronger, I began to believe in myself more and more.”

“As I watch my clients go through my Jump-Start Your Psychic Abilities Mentorship Program, it’s amazing for me to see their transformation,” said Spiritual Medium, Brandi Van. “They start out really doubting themselves; doubting they have abilities, doubting they’ll be able to develop their abilities, doubting they’ll be able to do the exercises I give them, and then by the end of the program their confidence soars, they start to have amazing validations in their experiences, and their trust in themselves overwhelmingly expands. Seeing them turn into lightworkers and knowing they are going to have an amazing impact in this world really fuels my passion to help more and more people realize they can do it too!”

Brandi Van recently launched the new mentorship program called Jump Start Your Psychic Abilities. The program is a 12-week online course that includes group coaching, mentorship, and online training sessions.

“I’ve had clients who went through my Jump Start Your Psychic Abilities Mentorship Program who knew they had some sort of psychic ability but didn’t know what path to get started on to develop them, and then by the end of my program, they’re able to connect and communicate with Spirit, help others, and receive messages for their higher purpose,” says Van. “It’s always amazing for me to witness this transformation!”

The Jump Start Your Psychic Abilities program is a comprehensive and supportive program that will help you:

• Open your Third Eye Chakra

• Clarify which psychic gifts you have

• Develop your clair senses

• Release your ego to be able to receive messages from Spirit

• Protect, cleanse, and restore your energy

• Open your mind with grounding, journaling, meditation, and visualizations

• Cleanse and balance your chakra energy system

• Connect with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

• Set intentions and manifest your goals for your Higher Purpose

• Learn how to do Automatic Writing

• Set boundaries with Spirit

• Raise your vibration for optimal connection with Spirit

• And so much more!

“In my mentorship program, I’ll teach you how meditation, grounding, and taking control of your psychic senses can enrich you with positivity, mindfulness, and ease,” added Van. “If I was able to make this change when I felt I was going to be stuck forever, you will absolutely be able to transform yourself if you’re feeling this way too. I am so excited to get you started on your journey of living in this peaceful, helpful, healing way!”

Book a free Zoom Discovery Call with Brandi through her website at www.brandivan.com to see if you’re a fit for the mentorship program. Readers can also go to Brandi’s website and sign up for her email newsletter list to receive a free copy of her e-book, Discover Your Unique Psychic Ability.

About Brandi Van

Brandi Van is a Spiritual Medium & Psychic Mentor who helps people discover their unique psychic gifts so they can experience an abundance of peace and find their Higher Purpose. Through coaching and speaking, Brandi helps people discover their psychic abilities so they can realize we are all connected here on Earth and that we all have a higher meaning than ourselves.

Brandi has made it her mission to help others to discover their abilities so they can fulfill their higher purpose, live with intention in their interactions, and listen to their intuition. She truly believes this is why she is here on earth; to help people who are feeling lost with their abilities and who need a mentor to show them the path to go on. Brandi says it’s important to know that “Developing your psychic abilities really needs to be experienced, not thought about or theorized.”

Brandi has a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Degree in Communications/Journalism. Her ancestral line is full of psychics and mediums. She’s had psychic abilities since she was very young and has been doing mediumship readings for several years. She is ecstatic to help people on their journey to find and use their gifts.

To learn more about Brandi, visit her online at www.brandivan.com.

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