“Grind To Greatness” Seminar Announced In An Exclusive Interview With Cheyne Kupfer And Wayne Bemet

September 15 16:35 2023

In an exclusive interview, the founders of Crypto Calls Empire, Cheyne Kupfer, and Wayne Bemet, provided valuable insights into their entrepreneurial journey and unwavering commitment to financial education. 

They are also inviting interested individuals on a transformative journey towards financial greatness with our seminar, “Grind To Greatness.” Presented in partnership with the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) and with National Service Financial (NSF) as part of their alliance with Crypto Calls, this event promises to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to conquer the world of finance. The event is starting on the 29th of September The event is an 8-week course with one call each week where people shall have the ability to learn technical analysis and financial planning, and how to take control of their lives in the financial realm and break free of the 9:00 to 5:00 or the matrix there will be one call each week, and they will learn everything they need to set them free from the two coaches

Q1: Can you introduce yourselves and briefly overview your entrepreneurial journey?

Cheyne Kupfer: I dropped out of high school in grade 9 to support my family. 2016, I entered the crypto market, turning a $2,000 investment into $250,000 during the 2017 bull run. I’ve since taught over 2,000 people to trade cryptocurrencies.


Wayne Bemet: My journey began in a Housing Commission Estate, and my time in the Australian Defence Force instilled financial discipline. I established a financial planning company dedicated to imparting financial education.

Q2: Could you describe the concept of Crypto Calls Empire and the unique products and services you offer?

Cheyne Kupfer: Crypto Calls Empire is a seminar company providing a platform for various financial speakers to share expertise in cryptocurrency and stocks, thanks to our partnership with NSF.

Q3: What sets Crypto Calls Empire apart from competitors in the market, and how do you prioritize customer-centricity?

Wayne Bemet: We prioritize customers by offering speakers from various financial backgrounds, ensuring value and knowledge. Unlike others, we discuss both cryptocurrency and stocks.

Q4: What major challenges did you face when starting Crypto Calls Empire, and how did you overcome them?

Cheyne Kupfer: Initially, knowing where to start was challenging, but reading over 100 books provided the knowledge and foundation needed.

Q5: Can you share a specific achievement or milestone that you consider a significant success for your business?

Wayne Bemet: Creating five millionaires through our training has been remarkable.

Q6: What are your future plans and goals for Crypto Calls Empire, and how do you envision impacting the world of finance?

Cheyne Kupfer: We plan to expand into every facet of finance to help people escape the 9 to 5 grind and achieve financial independence.

Q7: How do you strive to make a positive impact through Crypto Calls Empire, and are there any community initiatives you’re involved in?

Wayne Bemet: We give back to the trading community through giveaways and rewards for excellence in paper trading, helping individuals start their journey to financial freedom.

Q8: What advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs just starting their entrepreneurial journey?

Cheyne Kupfer: “Readers are learners.” Every book read has the potential to increase your net worth.

Q9: Is there anything else you would like to share about your entrepreneurial journey or Crypto Calls Empire?

Wayne Bemet: We are dedicated to providing financial education and empowering individuals to take control of their financial lives.

Q10: What is the “Grind To Greatness” seminar all about?

Cheyne Kupfer: “Grind To Greatness” is an eight-week course designed to empower individuals with the tools needed to thrive in the world of finance. Each week, participants will engage in a comprehensive session led by experienced coaches. They will delve into technical analysis, financial planning, and strategies to break free from the conventional 9 to 5 grind.

Q11: What can participants expect to learn from this seminar?

Wayne Bemet: Participants will gain valuable insights into the world of finance, including strategies to navigate market volatility, identify hidden investment opportunities, and recognize emerging trends. The seminar will provide them with the knowledge and confidence needed to take control of their financial lives.

Q12: Who are the coaches leading this seminar?

Cheyne Kupfer: “Grind To Greatness” is led by two accomplished coaches from Crypto Calls, Cheyne Kupfer and Wayne Bemet. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise in finance to guide participants on their journey to financial freedom.

Q13: What makes this seminar unique and valuable for attendees?

Wayne Bemet: “Grind To Greatness” stands out as a comprehensive eight-week course backed by AFSL and presented in collaboration with NSF. Participants will learn from the best and have the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals on a similar path to financial success.

Q14: Are there any prerequisites or qualifications required to attend this seminar?

Cheyne Kupfer: The seminar is open to anyone interested in finance and wanting to improve their financial knowledge and skills. There are no specific prerequisites or qualifications required.

Q15: Can participants expect any additional resources or support during and after the seminar?

Wayne Bemet: Participants will have access to valuable resources and support throughout the seminar. Additionally, they will benefit from the knowledge-sharing community that Crypto Calls and NSF have cultivated, offering ongoing support and guidance in their financial journey.

Q16: When does the seminar begin, and how can interested individuals join?

Wayne Bemet: The seminar kicks off on the 29th of September. Limited spots are available for this exclusive opportunity. To secure your place and embark on this transformational journey, visit our website at cryptocallsempire.com.

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