Nature Token – The World’s First Resource-backed Stable Token

August 12 23:07 2019

Nature Token (NXT) is a point-to-point crypto cash system. It introduced a new brand new way to issuing stable token. Each token on the NXT platform is backed by the nature resource such as copper mine and coal mine. Generally speaking, the NXT platform provided a “natural resource digitalization”solution for the resource owner, especially the government. It also applied a “Duel-Token” mechanism into its system. The stable token NXT is designed for daily transaction. On the other hand, the equity token NTTC are used to distribute token-holder’s interest such as gas fee and other dividend. People can also earn NTTC by contributing to the NXT system. 

“Natural resources are global currency by their nature”, said by the angle investor of Nature Token Mr. Lin Qianfeng. Though most stable token choose to back their price by the bank deposit. But 9 of 10 stable token are dramatically over-issued due the absence of necessary regulation and auditing. Furthermore, even the fiat currencies will depreciate due to inflation and global economy. However, the nature resource are limited and its value will only growth because they are consumed every second. Thus, the token backed by the nature resource, will be more and more valuable as well.

According to the SEC website, the NXT’s holding company has submit its application to the SEC in December 2018. Mr. Lin Qianfeng claims that as the world’s first resource-backed stable token, this application to SEC shows the determination and ambition of NXT. Currently, it has signed contract with multiple mining companies in Australia, Mongolia, Russia etc. The future plan of NXT is issue new stable token which correspond with the fiat currency in each counties it entered.

Beside NXT’s networking development and its global market strategy, the NXT has also provided hardware solution in its ecosystem. “the NXT POS will make the transaction easier and cheaper” said by Mr. Lin Qianfeng. “With the global vision and strong online-to-offline applications, we are very confident to build the top-tier stable token next work in the near future.”

The SEC application detail page:

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