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August 13 02:11 2019

“Life coaching” became fashionable and firmly entered the vocabulary of our society in the mid-2000s, when the developing market introduced new knowledge and unique techniques that successfully proved effectiveness in post-industrial countries.

If you ask about life coaching an average person will probably give a mostly correct definition: “coaching is a training process, and a coach is a trainer who guides their ward to achieve the desired results”. However, if we delve deeper into the topic and ask how a life coach differs from a business consultant or psychologist, our participant will likely not be able to give a clear answer. We decided to ask the intuitive professional life coach Scott Koepsell about what life “coaching” is and what it intends to solve.

– Scott, so what kind of science is “life coaching”? After all, it’s true that for an uninitiated person, the difference between coaching and consulting is not obvious…

There are many definitions for the term “personal and professional coaching”. One of the most common is self-realization training through conversations. Some people think that life coaching is the art of contributing to the performance, learning and development of another person. For me, the most accurate definition of personal coaching services is that is a combination of counseling and training, where the coach does not give hard advice and recommendations, but seeks rather a solution together with the client. This definition more accurately reflects current trends in the development of coaching as an applied discipline.

If we talk about the differences between business coaching and business consulting, there are several. The main one is that in the process of consulting, the client is given a specific solution and recommendations. Coaching is aimed at guiding the client towards the process of having an honest conversation with themselves, and coming to the right conclusions and the development of an optimal solution. This creates a new vision of the situation and allows them to receive “insight”.

A business coach and a business consultant can complement each other in their work, but personal life coaching servicesrequire a higher level of professional expertise. The intuitive life coach helps the client to achieve their goals: get healthy physically, feel better mentally, overcome obstacles in the workplace, and increase motivation along with other benefits.

The coaching process itself consists of three main blocks:

1) Establishing contact with the client and creating an atmosphere of trust

2) Discussing the problem, during which the client reaches a greater awareness of the situation and sees the problem from other perspectives that were previously invisible to them

3) Finding ways out of negative situations and suggesting possible solutions to a particular problem or task

– In what situations is life or business coaching applicable and what goals is it intended to achieve?

Previously,  life coaching led a person out of difficult personal situations, now modern coaching trends are designed to cover a wider range of problems of personal, group, and professional nature. Today, more and more top managers and entrepreneurs are using coaching to solve complex business issues, to find new methods of decision-making, and to more quickly achieve results in business growth and development.

This is a natural development of intuitive coaching in the modern reality of the economy. After all, an executive or a small business owner is often alone in the process of making critical decisions. They do not always know the answers to all questions. In such cases, managers and business owners turn to professional business coach with applied experience and a strong background, and together they work out the optimal algorithm for solving the problem.

– What trends and methodologies related to the study of coaching currently exist in the U.S.  market?

The main trend of course, is the widespread use of life coaching methods focused on team development. Intuitive business coaching is an effective method of team development, and the sooner it is implemented, the faster the whole team will become an effective and successfully linked organization.

– A simple question: how can you determine a good life coach different from a bad one?

If we talk about the characteristics that a good intuitive life coach should have, I would single out a few criteria. First of all, a person of our profession should have the ability to carefully listen to the requester. An equally important quality is exuding a high level of empathy and the ability to promptly ask a suitable question in order to achieve maximum results during an intuitive coaching session.

The next important advantage of a coach is their extensive life and professional experience. Having a fundamental theoretical base and good practical knowledge, a coach can help a client faster and more efficiently, lead them to the right decisions on the quickest path, saving them time and money. An undisputed advantage for the coach is the knowledge of corporate culture, psychology, strategic management, and personnel management. Such knowledge is extremely necessary for conducting group classes.

However, frankly speaking, the best criterion for distinguishing a good coach from a bad coach is having a portfolio of successful cases and recommendations from satisfied clients. In other words, a proven history of success is the best indicator of a good life coach.

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