The STO project of the first listed OAICex Trading Exchange was launched today, and the incubation of 10 billion yuan was officially launched.

August 13 02:34 2019

MHM & OAICex jointly held the first STO project conference of Listed Companies in Wuhan, Jiangcheng on August 10, 2019. The event invites the main leaders and guests of all partners to attend a total of 500 participants. On the spot, we will share the hot topics of MHM company, MHM STO profile and value, MHM STO issuance plan and market prospects. MHM (Nasdaq Code MDVP) is Australia’s largest supplier of sports fitness equipment.

The company will enter the Chinese market by the end of 2019 to build a professional fitness product that integrates video, courses, live broadcasting, community, mall and digital finance for the Chinese market. The strong combination of MHM & OAICex is bound to make the digital financial market more hot in the hot summer.

As a global digital asset trading platform, OAICex provides comprehensive, one-stop and high-standard digital financial services for global customers. The platform is based on digital asset trading, and STO incubation and case-based services are the core business to create a global securities-based economic value ecosystem.

The CITIC has global distribution, localized operation, VIE, professional and efficient team, penetrates into the market segments of small and medium-sized technology enterprises, pushes small and medium-sized technology enterprises into the capital market, allows investors to have more investment options, and makes the CITIC Exchange show its advantages in the competition of digital financial market.

The launch of the STO project of the first listed company of Haitou Stock Exchange today means a big step towards the target of 10 billion incubators.

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