Chengdu is counting down to the WPFG! The Departure Tax Refund Experience Center officially launched

August 12 22:54 2019

Chengdu is counting down to the WPFG, whichis held in Asia for the first time and has become the largest comprehensive sports event ever held in the city with the highest level of internationalization and the largest number of foreign guests in a single entry.

There is no doubt that the WPFG will be an excellent opportunity for Chengdu to demonstrate and enhance its reputation and influence. To be a good host and run the WPFG well, there is much to do in addition to sports events. In order to create good memories for guests and their families who come to Chengdu for participating in the competition, traveling and consuming during the 10-day WPFG, the Chengdu – 2019 The 18th Police & Fire Games Tianfu Cultural Charm Tour also starts today. Visiting the Departure Tax Refund Experience Center, starting a giant panda eco-cultural tour in Dujiangyan Base of China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda, learning to make online popular Sichuan cuisine in Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Museum and other wonderful activities are awaiting the guests!

Technology-based Chengdu, Culture and Creativity of Tianfu and the Flavor of Chengdu

A wide variety of Chengdu products await you there

When it comes to Chengdu, quite a few people think of the cute giant panda, spicy hot pot and authentic Sichuan cuisine. Exhibits in the Departure Tax Refund Experience Center elaborately built by the organizers of the WPFG will be on display from today to the 11th, so that guests from all over the world can feel Chengdu’s strength in all aspects including science and technology, culture and creativity, flavors, and life.

Located in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, one of the WPFG competition venues, the 400-square-meter Departure Tax Refund Experience Center has set up four major exhibition areas: Technology-based Chengdu, Culture and Creativity of Tianfu, the Flavor of Chengdu and the Life of Bashu. Skyworth New World and other high-tech enterprises have brought a variety of VR head-mounted display equipment. Sheme, the first Chinese women’s shoe brand to enter the International Fashion Week, has displayed elegant products combining Chinese culture with European fashion. Chengdu Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. has exhibitedthe most characteristic products of Chengdu culture such as Sichuan embroidery, Sichuan brocade and some international brand products. Ren RenLe, an excellent large-scale modern retail group, has brought such “flavors of Chengdu” as PixianDouban and Haorenjia Hot Pot Soup Base, as well as brands of affordable and durable household appliances such as Joyoung and Royalstar. A series of well-known “made-in-Chengdu” brands havebeen gathered here.

The Technology-based Chengdu exhibition area gathers Chengdu’s high-tech products; the Culture and Creativity of Tian exhibition area highlights creative ideas of Chengdu elements; the Flavor of Chengdu exhibition area presents Bashu delicacies; the Life of Bashu exhibition area builds an international fashion life hall. Here, every guest of WPFG can find “made-in-Chengdu” products they want. Moreover, the first day of the exhibition attracted lots of foreign guests. “Sichuan cuisine also enjoys a high reputation overseas. I’ll buy some PixianDouban and hot pot soup base and make Sichuan cuisine for my family when I come back home, so that they can also experience the ‘flavor of Chengdu’,” Chloefrom France said excitedly. Kevin from England also said, “It turns out that Chengdu has more than food and pandas! I am deeply impressed by the high-tech ‘made-in-Chengdu’ products and international brands on display in the Departure Tax Refund Experience Center.”

According to the sponsor, as one of the major competition venues of WPFG, CCNICEC will receive quite a few foreign guests. The exhibition and sales of diversified “made-in-Chengdu” products are expected to impress foreign guest as fine goods and to promote high-quality “made-in-Chengdu” brands to the world. There are numbers of international brands on display, to manifest the internationalization and fashion frontiers of Chengdu, said a representative of the sponsor.

Fresh Consumption Experience

Preferential Departure Tax Refund

In addition to a departure tax refund experience center, the activity sponsor has designed favorable departure tax refund experiencing routes for the visitors. Visitors from all over the world are flooding into the bustling Chunxi Road and Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li to experience the Fast plus Slow Life in Chengdu. Series of departure tax refund stores in IFS, Ito Yokato, Fengxiang Pavilion (Chengdu Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.), and the dazzling commodities have amazed the guests with the great integration between “international fashion” and the “Chengdu style”. “There are a lot of international luxury brands”, “Chengdu has perfectly combined the local culture with global fashion”, some visitors were delighted.

“Apart from the departure tax refund center, many products here are available for claim of tax refund. Please bring our ‘made-in-Chengdu’ to the world with you!” said the staff there. 

How to claim a departure tax refund? This is one of the most concerned questions from the visitors at the experience center. In fact, the sponsor had communicated with relevant authorities such as taxation, customs and the airport company before the WPFG, so as to provide foreign guests with a perfect shopping experience in Chengdu. Having selected the products in a departure tax refund store, a foreign visitor may receive the sales invoices and a Refund Application Form for Overseas Visitors during paying the bills. It is stipulated that an overseas visitor may apply for a refund for his/her purchases worth RMB500 or more from a same designated refund store in one day.

Within 90 days after purchasing of the goods, the visitor should go through customs checks at the international departure hall, Terminal 1 of Shuangliu International Airport; after entering the international isolated area, one should resubmit a valid identity document, a Refund Application Form for Overseas Visitors signed and sealed by the customs and sales invoices for the goods to be refunded; and the tax refund agency will check relevant information before handling VAT refunding procedures; then the visitor may obtain his/her rebates. In general, it only takes a few minutes from the international departure hall of Terminal 1 to the completion of the refunding procedures. The tax refund procedures are available 24 hours a day to meet different departure times of visitors.

Furthermore, the sponsor has elaborately created good atmosphere in relevant hotels, airport and customs desks for the visitors. According to the sponsor, it is considered a recognition and opportunity for Chengdu that the First WPFG in Asia is held in the city. It is expected that after acquiring a profound understanding of “made-in-Chengdu” products in the pleasant atmosphere, the foreign visitors may become the best spokespersons for products and brands in Chengdu. That will help the local enterprises raise their prestige and competitiveness and popularize their products to foreign consumers on the way to enter international market. Besides, this will also bring new cooperation opportunities for the city, indicated the representative of the sponsor.

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