Medical Creations Integrative Medicine Announces Launch of Innovative Functional Skin Care Program for Optimal Skin Health

November 13 07:22 2021
The Functional skin care program helps patients revitalize their skin health from within with the goal of being able to achieve natural, long-lasting results with minimal or no downtime.

Atlanta, GA – Medical Creations Integrative Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of its highly anticipated new service, the Functional Skin Care Program. Designed to rehab your skin and heal it within, this program is a unique and truly holistic approach to skin and face rejuvenation.

Dr. Neacsu explains that the skin health optimization plan is customized from the ground up. The plan may include such options as vitamin and hormone testing, nutraceuticals, a tailored nutrition plan and other adjunct therapies as necessary.

“I use everything I learned over the years – from ancient medicine techniques like Gua-Sha and Kansa wand to detox and tonify your skin all the way to cutting edge noninvasive facial lasers, plasma pen treatments and microneedling with exosomes.”

What makes their program different than other treatment centers is however a multistep, comprehensive approach to skin health including talking about skin-gut connection for example.

“It’s a remarkable program,” adds Dr. Neacsu, “and I don’t think there’s anything else quite like it. If you feel you could use a makeover on all levels, this is the ultimate!”

She had the opportunity to share this knowledge by partnering with Dior team for workshops and most recently serving as judge for the Global Continental National Pageants competition.

For more information about the Functional Skin Care Program, visit the website at

About Medical Creations Integrative Medicine

Founded by Dr. Dana Neacsu in 2016, Atlanta-based Medical Creations Integrative Medicine is on a mission to better treat patients’ root medical issues instead of just focusing on their symptoms.

She is an author, award-winning speaker and more than anything an educator who enjoys sharing wellness medicine concepts.

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