RingID is the Perfect Exemplar overcome Post-COVID Economic Crisis in many countries

November 16 15:28 2021
ringID can help to overcome the Post-COVID unemployment crisis by creating Jobs for million.

London – November 15, 2021 – South Asia focused; RingID is the world’s first Community Social Network, empowering livelihoods of millions, who’ve been waiting for a shot at independence and success. ringID is building the next-generation platform for Social Commerce — powered by fintech,  allowing consumer to access services more rapidly & responsibly, empowering merchants to grow and e-commerce to thrive, and creating earnings opportunities for millions of young adults.  Through ringID, about 1 Million+ Users are actively earning and making a living from the ecosystem utilizing their existing skill and knowledge.

“The #Covid-19 pandemic has led to the loss of around hundreds of million Jobs across the world. Undoubtedly unemployment is high and jobs are not expected to make a rapid recovery. In fact, reaching pre-pandemic employment rates may take several years. Through its unique business model, ringID has showed unprecedented levels of assistance, income support and helped many households make it through the pandemic,” said Ayrin Islam, The Co-Founder & CEO of ringID.

“This business model can be easily deployed in highly populated countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil,” added Ayrin Islam

RingID Interactive Live provides the unique ability for its users to earn and spend within the network. Professional service providers such as doctors, teachers, beauticians & other experts can offer a wide range of service to their viewers using the Interactive Live platform for free or charge a subscription fee.

Similarly, through Live Influencer/Ambassadors program, Influencers can create their own Virtual Storefront using the combined features of ringID Live & Marketplace. Viewers will interact with the broadcaster through direct voice & video calls if necessary. They can simply place an order to get the chosen product during a live session. As promoters, broadcasters can offer advice on the products or otherwise promote their preferred products and get rewarded for generating sales. Live Influencer/Ambassadors program is changing how influential bloggers make money from their fan base  by blending entertainment through its interactive Live with instant purchasing.

Similarly, ringID’s  Brand Promoter program  allows to do Affiliate marketing by  which they earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products given in ringID’s affiliate network or promotional  Pool.  The affiliate simply searches for products they enjoy, then promote products via other social networking platform or social channel to customer including his existing friends, family or fan base. When someone buys through the affiliate link, he/she gets a commission.

About RingID

Montreal based RingID, is a dynamic platform that makes you versatile with all the exciting features of social communication including Voice & Video calls, Chat & Secret chat, Newsfeed, News Portal, Media channels and Multi-User interactive Live, along with a Social Marketplace. The platform has managed to amass 20 million + users predominantly in South Asia by offering them an option to earn according to their contribution using their knowledge & offering professional services within the ecosystem. A platform where users can not only connect but also earn, learn, share and fulfill their day-to-day needs in one place.

More info: https://www.ringid.com/

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