Carvaho Dry Shampoo light speed experience “washing, cutting and blowing”, get rid of oily troubles

January 04 14:37 2022

According to reports, frequent shampooing can cause or aggravate hair loss. Experts recommend washing hair 2-3 times a week! However, hairstyle is very important for girls. Carvaho Dry Shampoo without a drop of water, will take people to experience the trilogy of “washing, drying, and hair care” at the same time, get rid of the troubles of oily hair in 30 seconds!

“Shampooing Social”

What will get a girl to show up with clean, fluffy hair? Besides love, is Carvaho hair spray.”Shampoo-style social” is popular among young people. Testing the standard of status in someone’s heart depends on whether they have washed their hair before going out to see each other. It’s impossible for lazy girls to wash their hair every day! Therefore, Carvaho Dry Shampoo comes with its “full set of washing and blowing” technology!

Disposable oil control + corn starch collision

Carvaho Dry Shampoo uses natural cornstarch ingredients, which is safe, non-irritating, gentle and moisturizing. The particles are small, not easy to block the hair follicles, and won’t damage the hair. It has a good oil absorption effect, leaving the hair in a natural fluffy and light state, smooth and shiny.

Carvaho Dry Hair Spray adopts the principle of no-washing and oil control. It uses pressure to evenly spray corn starch on the hair roots and strands to absorb and dissolve excess oil to achieve the effect of fluffy and oil control. Meanwhile, it also utilizes the rapid volatilization of small molecular alkane and other organic substances to keep the scalp refreshed, utilize the anti-static ability of Cetrimonium Chloride to smoothen frizz and make hair softer.

Prevent hair loss and breakage

Nowadays, young people pay more attention to scalp and hair care. Carvaho Dry Shampoo also has the effect of preventing hair breakage and aging. The ingredients such as argan oil have antioxidant and anti-aging abilities, which can prevent hair aging and nourishes hair. Gentian extract can inhibit elastase, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and inhibit the aging of scalp and hair. As a natural moisturizer, Butyrospermum parkii can not only lock water and moisturize, but also have a certain sun protection ability to delay hair aging. With all these powerful ingredients, Carvaho Dry Shampoo also complies with the principle of free additions and has no side effects.

In a word, no matter why people can’t wash hair, Carvaho Dry Shampoo help people deal with it calmly. Just take away this oil savior!

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