Centreum Network Provides Its Users the Biggest Metaverse Project

January 07 22:42 2022
Centreum Network is based on Binance Smart Chain, where users can buy, earn, sell, and create using the token. The platform is specially designed for artists, gamers, students, and online communities.

Due to the great goals outlined on the future roadmap, Centreum Network is coming up with a significant project that will thrive and become one of the most influential tokens in the cryptocurrency market. The platform will provide an opportunity for its investors to participate in the high-potential NFTs business. They will also take advantage of VIP programs offered to Centreum members on the new Metaverse order.

Centrem Network is preparing to provide its investors with a platform to participate actively in the new non-fungible token exchange that will launch on February 2nd. NFT creators will also be able to auction, buy, and sell their artworks using the platform.

Apart from the new exchange, Centreum is pleased to announce the release of its software, which will be available on the website on March 1st. Users will be able to generate Non-fungible tokens with ease using the software. Furthermore, the platform’s goal is to provide newbies and skilled users with the same opportunity to sell on the same ship, allowing each user to be acknowledged for their unique ideas.

Indulging in the metaverse, Centreum will allow users to buy, sell, and auction various lands. Users will be able to improve their property by developing and creating plots. Landowners in the Centreum will also be permitted to construct games and events on their own property.

The Centreum Network aims to provide its customers with the thrills of roller coasters and rides right in their own backyards. As a result, the platform will create a theme park where members will have exclusive access to the casino, including private games and rooms. 80% of the profit will be reinvested in new ideas, 15% will be distributed as dividends to holders’ wallets, and 5% will be distributed to the team’s wallets. Users can visit the website here for more information about the platform’s tokenomics.

Centreum Network is a BEP20 token issued on the Binance Smart Chain with a total fixed supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. Using blockchain technology as an unforgeable record of ownership, the platform allows users to have complete control over the content of the land they own and keep all the proceeds from the value they generate for other users.

For more information, visit the official website of Centreum Network.

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